About Us


When women are confident about who they are, love how they look, and enjoy taking care of themselves, they radiate differently. Our founder Nikki always loved how these women know what they want and are unafraid to go after it too.

As someone who loves makeup, dressing elegantly, and all things luxury, Nikki believes that putting your best look forward and loving your look every single time is a form of self-love too. To Nikki, there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who loves the reflection of herself in the mirror.

In fact, our brand, Angels Unreal Luxury, was inspired by a woman’s relationship with beauty—with chic, beautiful women as her inspiration, she set out to create beauty products and accessories that let the modern woman define her meaning of beauty.


As a Persian immigrant living in the Netherlands with an Industrial Management degree and later on the course of becoming a dentist, our Founder Nikki’s beginnings were far away from the beauty field. All those years of suppressing her dream of getting into the beauty industry and working at a dentist’s office were miserable for Nikki.

After several months of convincing from her beloved brother and friends, Nikki decided to get into the field of beauty—her favorite place to be.


First Nikki started small with carefully designed, easy-to-wear, and durable eyelashes for every woman and every mood. A trained makeup artist and a beauty connoisseur at heart made her first collection of lashes that looked incredibly natural yet looked magical on your eyes—she crafted multiple styles for every eye shape, makeup style, occasion, and more.

Now Angels Unreal Luxury has delved into colored lenses, skincare products, and more.


Half of the credit for the creation of Angels Unreal Luxury must go to Nikki’s brother Danial. Growing up with the strongest sibling bond and the hope for nothing but the best for each other, Nikki and Danial dreamed of this brand together. Unfortunately, Danial still lives in Persia, and Nikki had to bring this brand to life all by herself, waiting for a time when her brother can finally join her.

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